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Global networking experts

Connecting you globally – we bring the world to you!

We combine global solutions with local knowledge, utilizing our location based networks and designing appropriate methods to suit clients specific needs.

We offer our expertise to enable YOU - the client - to formulate soundly based decisions.

Allpoints customs and quarantine services

Contemporary solutions based on traditional services

Trading since 1994, Allpoints Customs Services first was established to provide customs/quarantine clearance & customs related services.

Over the journey we have remained abreast of the constantly changing landscape!!

We offer customs clearances & advice on all areas mentioned below:

  • Import/Export Clearance (with optional port lodgement)
  • Tariff advice
  • Valuation advice
  • Tariff concession application
  • Quarantine Clearance/Treatments/Inspections
  • DUTY/GST Consultation
  • Free trade agreement application/advice
  • Duty Drawback/Refund Applications
  • GST Refunds
  • Expert Customs clearance advice on all Import/Export Shipments
  • In-house auditing
  • Current legislative Information

Freight management services for import & export

Customised solutions

Allpoints can offer freight forwarding services across the board, customizing freight options providing YOU - the client - the best solution available at competitive rates & in a timely manner.

We determine key factors with our clients to reach the best solution available!!

Freight services Allpoints offer (but not limited too):

  • AIR: inbound / outbound freight movement
  • SEA: inbound / outbound freight movement – LCL cargo / FCL cargo / break bulk cargo
  • COURIER: inbound / outbound courier services
  • ROAD TRANSPORT: local / interstate / intrastate
  • WAREHOUSING: local / interstate / international solutions

Meet Our Team

Father/Son operated since 1994.
We believe our point of difference in the international trade arena is our personalized services - we build enduring relationships.
Les McDowell Les McDowell Managing Director & Licenced Customs Broker (S.A.C.B.C.A) 
 0412 247 947
Evan McDowell Evan McDowell Managing Director 
 0433 334 545